Real or Artificial? Lets Talk Florals for your Wedding Day

Real or Artificial? Lets Talk Florals for your Wedding Day

Flowers are one of the most iconic decorations for weddings all around the world, no matter how big or small. When it comes to your wedding day, you dream of everything being perfect, including the flowers. So when it comes to making the decision between real and fake, which do you choose? We’re here to make that decision a little easier by telling you all about artificial florals and why they might work for you!

Why would I choose artificial flowers?

Over the years, artificial flowers have come a very long way. From the veins in the petals to the many materials they are made of, they look and feel like the real deal. Due to their realness and being a more budget friendly option, they have become a very popular alternative to real flowers. Lets discuss some of the pros of artificial florals.

They are cost effective!

If you are looking to style your wedding on a strict budget, look no further then artificial florals. If you are envisioning a gorgeous dramatic floral on your arbour, a thick greenery garland for your tables, or single stems in beautiful glass bottles, artificial florals are able to cater for anything and everything! There is absolutely no vision too small or big. The advantage of artificial florals means you are able to get more bang for your buck and style the wedding of your dreams.

Artificial Florals Come in Every Single Colour & Type of Flower

One of the pro’s of artificial flowers is they work with any colour palette and any bloom of choice. If you are looking to match your bridesmaids dresses or simply compliment your scenery, it is important to be able to choose specific shades of colour! Whether you want a soft colour palette with white Sahara roses, baby’s breath and touches of greenery, or a bright tropical wedding with hot pink orchids, or even darker tones like black roses and hydrangeas, artificial florals have it all.  

They Hold Shape Very Well

The advantage of artificial flowers is that they have wire in their stems. This wire allows us to bend, twist and manoeuvre the flower in any way we want. When it comes to a well-made floral arrangement, it requires every single flower head to be placed intentionally. Due to this wire, we are able to place and point each focal flower head in the exact right spot so the entire arrangement flows effortlessly.

Artificial Flowers are Extraordinarily Durable!

one of the stresses every couple has leading up to their wedding day is the weather. Unfortunately it is just one of those things that are completely unavoidable. However, choosing artificial florals can definitely take a small part of that stress away. Due to their forgiving nature and their durability, they can take a beating from wind, rain, heat and humidity, and will still hold up to it!

No stressing about if your floral of choice is in season!

Seasonal blooms can make things really difficult and expensive when going down the route of real flowers. If your flower of choice is out of season, it could mean importing in from another country! The beauty of artificial florals is they have every single flower you could ever think of, and in every colour!

They are allergen-free!

Allergies are an important consideration to make when it comes to deciding on your wedding florals. If there is someone in your wedding party with allergies that will be wearing or holding flowers the entire day, it might be worth considering artificial florals so they don’t have any allergic reactions.

Whether you choose real or artificial florals for your wedding day, you can rest assured that absolutely no one is going to notice the difference. The guests are likely going to be more focused on other things like the overall aesthetic and flow, the wedding dress, the entertainment, hospitality, food, and of course the open bar! Opting for faux flowers can possibly be one of the easiest and quickest ways to save some money so you can spend it on other aspects of your celebrations!

If you’d like to know more about artificial blooms and how they can transform your wedding day into the aesthetic of your dreams, we’d love to chat to you here!

Happy planning!

Kellie & Michaela

10 Things Your Wedding Stylist Wishes You Knew

Whether you are considering hiring a wedding stylist for your big day, or you are already working with one, these expert tips should make the entire process just that little bit smoother for everyone!

1. It’s okay to use Pinterest!

Wedding stylists will likely show you their look books, Instagram feeds and portfolios when you meet with them to discuss the aesthetics of your special day. We want you to know that you do NOT need to choose something specifically from these look books! They are simply there as a guide to get your creative juices flowing. It is more than okay to come to us with inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, etc. We welcome any and every form of inspiration!

2. Your inspiration photos have been heavily edited

A lot of the photos you have found inspiration in have likely been photoshopped, edited and heavily filtered. We can absolutely replicate your inspiration photos, however the overall look on the day will probably end up looking a little bit different than those, simply because of the editing that has been used on them (eg colour enhancement, exposure/brightness/contrast changes, etc). Please keep in mind that social media is heavily curated to fit a particular dreamy aesthetic, and reality will look slightly different to that.

3. Think about your photos and the overall wedding day look!

Always keep in mind the theme, vibe and aesthetics of the overall look – not just the individual items you want. It is very easy to get caught up in each and every little possibility you can possibly choose for your wedding day… from donut walls and lit up letters, to charger plates and coloured cutlery. Generally speaking, there are many incredible items that can all be put together when its done in the right way, however sometimes it can be overdone and therefore become way too ‘busy’. This is what a wedding stylist can help you with. We can help you visualise the overall look of your wedding day and rein in all the extras to make sure the synergy is perfect!

4. Consider the environment!

Please always keep the environment in your thoughts when contemplating certain aspects of your decorations. For example, the petal toss in your ceremony. A lot of couples reach for confetti, however this is terrible for the environment and quite often completely banned from a lot of venues, especially those beside the ocean. There are some awesome biodegradable options if you are looking for a more budget friendly alternative to petals for your petal cones/toss!

5. DIY is great, but it isn’t as cheap or as easy as it seems.

Doing your own styling for your wedding is great, however it can very quickly become incredibly expensive, stressful and time consuming. Some brides like to feel like they want to be more involved with the creation of their aesthetics and quite often may hand make their own wedding favours or stationary, however when it comes to centrepieces, table cloths, napkins, furniture, cutlery, glass wear, candles, votives, and even setting up on the day, it will definitely end up being more cost effective for you to reach out to a stylist to work with you! Another thing to keep in mind when considering your DIY wedding decorations, is what you will do with all that stock after the wedding, as well as logistics of getting it to and from the venue and set up, on the day.

6. Fake flowers don’t look fake anymore!!

Real touch florals are exactly that… real touch! They look and feel SO REAL you will be leaning in to smell them yourselves. No one will ever be able to know the difference, so for the difference in price tag, it is worth considering real touch florals for your ceremony and reception! A lot of brides opt for real flowers through their florist for the bouquet’s and lapel’s, but then choose real touch for their decorations.

For weddings here in the Whitsundays, it is very important to consider the heat, humidity and weather when deciding on florals for your wedding day. These factors are enough to make flowers wilt, droop, and burn very quickly. Often in a set up, your florist will make sure they set up at the perfect time to prevent this from happening to the flowers, however it is always something to keep in mind for your decision process!

7. Candles will blow out if you don’t have glass cylinders surrounding them!

This may seem like a very obvious point to make, however there have been countless times brides have expected no glass cylinders to be surrounding their candles and have been disappointed to find out they cannot possibly achieve that desired look! Please keep in mind inspiration photos online showing open flame candles outdoors have been specifically taken and edited for that particular photo. To achieve a burning flame the entire wedding, the candle will need protection from wind.

8. Tell us any styling items you are bringing yourself

Sometimes brides don’t want to tell their stylist they are bringing their own decorations due to not wanting to offend them. We want our brides to understand that we won’t ever be offended, we just need to know what is being added to the overall aesthetic so that we can make it work into what we have going visually for you! If you plan on bringing anything extra, eg photo frames, props, games, wedding favours, cutlery, place cards, menus, etc. please discuss that with your wedding stylist so they know whether they need to bring anything else to accommodate those things (eg an extra table and linen), as well as being able to let you know if it will all fit on the table due to venues having specific and personalised table dimensions.

9. On your wedding day, have an open mind.

On the day of the wedding, there is always the possibility that something may come up that prevents a certain aspect of your styling to be changed or completely removed. For example, if it is incredibly windy and you have chosen a very light weight arbour, it may require extra weights and/or reinforcements to keep it from blowing away. Alternatively, we may need to completely replace the arbour with a similar looking, more sturdy arbour. Unfortunately weather is just one of those things that cannot always be perfectly predicted and alternatives may need to come into the equation. Of course during the decision making process, the bride will be kept in the loop, however we ask that our brides trust in us and keep an open mind on the day, as complications such as this may arise! On the day we will do everything in our power to keep things as per what we have discussed, but if we do need to change anything, please know it will only be done if it absolutely must be done.

10. Trust us!

Sometimes it can be very hard to let go and completely trust a stranger to successfully bring together the entire visual aspect of the day you have been dreaming about your whole life… we totally get it! However, we want you to know that here at TeepeEvents & Styling, we live and breathe all things wedding and all things beautiful. We have the same goal as you, and not meeting the brief is not an option. On top of this, we know the venues very well and what will work. Whether you live locally to your wedding venue & stylist, or on the other side of the world, communication is key and we are only ever a call/email away.

Planning and styling a wedding with the help of a stylist is so much fun! There are endless possibilities in terms of bringing the wedding to a new level visually, and it should help relieve a lot of the pressures and stresses that arise in doing it all yourself. In saying this, we hope these little pointers help give some insight into a few important things that you should keep in mind along the way.

Happy planning!

Kellie & Michaela

TeepeEvents & Styling

Elevate Your Wedding Ceremony Aesthetic With These Unique Ideas

Your wedding ceremony set up is the very first thing your guests will see upon their arrival. This is their first impression of the wedding and sets the entire tone for the rest of the evening. One of the biggest trends we are seeing take over is that of weddings with a unique touch. For some, this may look like colour palettes incorporating dark tones, for others it may be combining shapes with a bright and expressive theme. Today we want to chat to you about one of our FAVOURITE new trends: unique ceremony seating!

If you’re sick of the same old boring ceremony setup and you want your wedding to be fresh, on trend and memorable, this may just be the inspiration you are looking for!

Spiral seating

This fun, exciting and dramatic set up makes your ceremony feel especially intimate by connecting everyone in one long spiralling line. It makes for a great conversation starter and gives everyone a chance at seeing & greeting the bride as she walks down the spiral aisle past every single guest! This set up would be best suited for smaller wedding parties.

Square seating

This gorgeous set up is a great way to keep your guests nice and close to you and your partner so the chairs don’t reach too far back. It’s a lovely way to frame a big structure/arbour! This set up is great for wedding parties of all sizes.

Guests chairs facing the aisle

Encompass elegance, class and beauty with this incredibly unique and seamless ceremony aisle. This would be perfect for a long and narrow wedding aisle, in places such as a narrow garden or a jetty.

Round seating

Round seating is a beautiful way to literally surround yourself with your loved ones. Its an awesome way to make everyone feel intimate and included. Choosing chairs transparent or light in colour is essential to ensure the visual flow is not at all jarred, with the bride and groom of course being the focal point!

Winding aisle

Embrace nature with a gorgeous winding aisle. Using greenery and florals to set out a path is a stunning choice for really bringing that organic vibe to your ceremony. For a budget friendly option, consider petals running down either side of the inner chairs! For a more dramatic effect, incorporate dense greenery and florals.

Picnic-style blankets and pillows!

For that casual summer day wedding, look no further than picnic style ceremony seating! Surprise your guests with this incredibly fun and unique ceremony idea; it is one they wont forget! This set up is perfect for a casual and intimate wedding, beach wedding, farm wedding, etc. Include pops of colour and a drink & nibbles station – maybe even a picnic basket for each rug!

Keep in mind to include seating for those who are unable to sit on the ground!


If you’re looking to give your guests the ultimate comfort whilst you tie the knot, couch seating may just be what you’re after. Include ottomans and coffee tables for guest convenience. This set up is perfect for small to medium size weddings. Ensure your ceremony space can comfortably fit multiple couches so it is not too squishy!

Bench seating

The perfect seating for an outdoor wedding in the bush, woods, forest, in the mountains, etc. Bench seating ties in really well with the outdoor organic style, and really encompasses nature. A boho wedding must have!

Bales of hay

For the ultimate outdoor farm wedding, look no further. Bales of hay are such a charming addition to any country style wedding! Line the hay with a lovely light weight linen to protect your guests from getting scratched.

Remove the seating all together!

If you’re looking for a unique difference whilst on a budget, consider removing the seating all together! This can really bring a more intimate feel to the ceremony, whilst also allowing you to save a considerable amount of money on chairs. This would be ideal for shorter weddings so your guests don’t have to be standing for too long.

Something important to consider in all of these incredible and unique seating options is prop and floral placement. Ensuring ALL of your guests are able to have a clear line of sight of you and your partner is crucial. The last thing you want is for anyone to have a big floral arrangement or pillar in their eye line!

There is nothing quite like an aesthetically fresh ceremony with a unique point of difference, and we hope these great ideas help to inspire you for your big day! If you would like to chat further about your upcoming ceremony and how you can bring your own unique point of difference, we would love to brainstorm with you here!

Happy planning!

Kellie & Michaela

Budget Friendly Details That Make a Statement on your Wedding Day

Budget Friendly Details That Make a Statement on your Wedding Day

Designing the wedding you have dreamt about your entire life can be a costly task. With all the potential possibilities you can add into your wedding décor these days, it can be an incredibly overwhelming and expensive project!

We’re here today to discuss some budget friendly options that will really make that visual difference in your ceremony & reception, and leave your guests impressed.

Chair ties

Whether its greenery, florals, ribbons or sashes, chair ties can completely transform the look of your ceremony or reception. As an in-expensive accessory for your special day, gorgeous bows, focal flower heads, or sprigs of trailing greenery can beautifully elevate the venue. These additions work in beautifully to compliment your chosen colour palette, whilst adding a level of elegance and class.

Substitute flowers for a greenery garland

If you are choosing to go down the real flower route, you will definitely get more bang for your buck by opting for a lovely greenery garland rather than a table full of roses. Greenery garlands are an excellent option for your wedding day; they are budget friendly, bring an incredible organic look and feel, and they smell beautiful!

Using artificial florals

Real touch florals have come an extremely long way over the years. These days it is almost impossible to visually tell the difference from real and fake! Opting for fake flowers for your wedding can be a much cheaper alternative to real flowers, which could possibly mean you can then take your vision to a new level regarding the amount/size of flowers you include. On top of this, it is important to keep in mind the type of flower you are hoping to include in your wedding. Is it in season where you are tying the knot? Will it need to be ordered in from overseas? Will it wilt quickly and survive the entire day and night? Real touch florals can take all the quess work and uncertainties out of it and allow you to have whatever flower choice you want for your big day, no matter the season.

Tying a small bit of twine/ribbon on napkins with a sprig of greenery/plant

A small bit of twine/ribbon and a focal sprig or greenery/plant is such a beautiful addition to your décor! Napkin décor really helps to elevate the table styling and creating lasting memories of the aesthetic. This is something you can definitely incorporate into your wedding DIY! However it is important you keep in mind that this is something that will need to be completed on the day of the wedding, as the napkins will come from a venue/supplier. Speaking with your stylist to organise this may be the easier option for you, whilst still being budget friendly!

Hurricane pillar candles in glass cylinders

For the ultimate romantic reception, look no further than hurricane pillar candles. An abundance of these will set the mood so beautifully, creating that gorgeous and passionate vibe. Ditching the expensive florals for an abundance of candles may just be the dreamy reception you are after.

Date jar, Wishes for the Mr and Mrs

Add an extra small fun component to your reception with a “Wishes for the Mr & Mrs”, or “Date Jar”! Simply include a sign in a frame, with a big jar, small pieces of paper and a few pens! An inexpensive and exciting addition for your guests to participate in!

Wedding favours

Wedding favours don’t always have to be a daunting subject for your budget. Consider homemade desserts such as brownies or cookies in a little box. Perhaps a little chocolate sitting on their napkin, or a small jar of candy! Home made jam and relishes are a lovely idea! Even a little jar with the ingredients to make your own hot chocolate! There are so many incredible home made options to gift your guests.

No matter what your wedding budget is, you can absolutely style a stunning wedding without blowing out financially. If you’re still feeling a bit stuck on how to bring your dream vision to life whilst sticking to a strict budget, we’d love to speak to you and bring you some clarity for your Whitsunday wedding. Lets chat

Happy planning!

Kellie & Michaela

Do I Need a Wedding Stylist?

Close your eyes and picture your wedding day. Standing at the alter with the love of your life… the perfect moment. What do you notice around you? What colours do you see? What is the general vibe of the venue? How do you hope the aesthetic makes your guests feel? All these questions are what we as stylists aim to help you answer to bring your dream vision to life.

Lets face it, planning a wedding is hard work! There are so many little things to consider about the aesthetic of your wedding day. Flowers, colour palettes, textures, patterns, seating, signage, stationary, backdrops, furniture, crockery, linen and many, MANY more seemingly small specifics. This is what a stylist does. We focus on all the aesthetic aspects of your special day. We can either work with you closely from start to finish (concept to completion), or simply be there to be the extra set of hands on the day to set up your own beautiful DIY creations.

Lets talk about why you might need a stylist to help you with decorating your special day:

  • If you simply cannot wrap your head around the concept of decorating, are really struggling with the creative aspects and have no clear vision, it might be time to look to the professionals!
  • If you want it all! There are just so many little bits and pieces from every wedding you’ve seen, and you want to incorporate it all! But how? Lets work it all out and give you some clarity.
  • You have no idea where to start, where to finish, and anything & everything in between. We’ve got you!
  • You have it all sorted, but you just need that extra set of hands to set up on the day. Here we are.


  • A wedding stylist will sit down and take the time to get to know you and your partner. We help you uncover the exact style and look you are after, talking you through each and every little inclusion and how that will help tell the story of your relationship.
  • Weddings are personal, they are beautiful, and they hold SO much love… they shouldn’t be overly stressful and overwhelming! Hiring a stylist can help take so much of that stress and anxiety off your hands.
  • A wedding stylist will take your wedding to a whole new level aesthetically. We make your wedding one to remember – with gorgeous bespoke pieces hand crafted with intention and love. No vision is too big or small!
  • We can create or purchase pieces of art that personally and specifically reflect you and your partners personalities and love story.
  • We already have all the inventory, so you don’t need to worry about what to do with all the stock after the wedding!
  • We give you creative direction and clarity. Its very easy to get overwhelmed with all the possibilities styling a wedding brings!
  • We make sure you don’t waste your money on things that wont work with the overall look, whilst helping you make the absolute most of your budget. Sometimes its easy to get swept away in the “ooo I want this! I’d love that!” but when too many different things come together, it can throw off the synergy of the wedding… we ensure that doesn’t happen!

  • It’s cost effective! By doing DIY, buying in all brand new decorations yourself gets very expensive, very quickly!
  • Here at TeepeEvents & Styling we keep on top of all trends, from modern colour palettes used in floral arrangements, to those instaworthy fabrics for your napkins and tablecloths.
  • DIY wedding styling is very stressful, so hiring a stylist will relieve a lot of that stress and pressure, whilst helping create a blanket of calm knowing that everything is being completely taken care of, from creation to completion.
  • We know the venues very well and work very closely with the venue operators, so we know what styling possibilities work and what doesn’t. We also take into consideration things like weather and wind. Here in the Whitsundays there are certain venues that experience more wind than others, which make certain styling choices impossible. By having knowledge of these things, we are able to work closely with our brides & grooms to find alternatives and solutions to make their designs work! This is something a lot of couples don’t always think about before hand with their DIY styling and it can unfortunately leave them disappointed on the day if it doesn’t work out the way they had hoped and dreamt about.

  • Finding the right suppliers can be a really daunting and difficult task. Wedding stylists work with multiple different vendors every single day, so we are the perfect people to consult with to find the perfect fit for you! This will save you hours of research and potential disappointment! We will never recommend a vendor that doesn’t align with your brief.
  • A stylist will set up on your big day and make sure all the creative aspects are all in line and perfect. All the stress is off your shoulders!
  • The entire overall look of the wedding, from pre ceremony to sparkler exit, is completely intentional and very well thought out. From the texture of your table cloths, to the slight fragrance of your candles setting the mood, to the particular shine of the paper choice for your menus, to the way each and every single rose head are pointing on your arbour. Every single decision has been made with intention to successfully and synergistically tell your love story.
  • Putting together a design brief is one thing, but successfully bringing that brief to life and making sure it is executed beautifully is another. This is our profession and this is what we are so incredibly passionate about. Here at TeepeEvents & Styling, execution and delivery of exquisite aesthetics is what we live and breathe.

The entire styling process for your big day should be an exciting and seamless journey. If you are looking for some extra creative direction, or just an extra set of hands, we welcome you to get in touch with us! We cannot wait to discuss your vision and bring your dream day to life.

Lets chat!

Happy planning!

Kellie & Michaela

TeepeEvents & Styling