Flowers are one of the most iconic decorations for weddings all around the world, no matter how big or small. When it comes to your wedding day, you dream of everything being perfect, including the flowers. So when it comes to making the decision between real and fake, which do you choose? We’re here to make that decision a little easier by telling you all about artificial florals and why they might work for you!

Why would I choose artificial flowers?

Over the years, artificial flowers have come a very long way. From the veins in the petals to the many materials they are made of, they look and feel like the real deal. Due to their realness and being a more budget friendly option, they have become a very popular alternative to real flowers. Lets discuss some of the pros of artificial florals.

They are cost effective!

If you are looking to style your wedding on a strict budget, look no further then artificial florals. If you are envisioning a gorgeous dramatic floral on your arbour, a thick greenery garland for your tables, or single stems in beautiful glass bottles, artificial florals are able to cater for anything and everything! There is absolutely no vision too small or big. The advantage of artificial florals means you are able to get more bang for your buck and style the wedding of your dreams.

Artificial Florals Come in Every Single Colour & Type of Flower

One of the pro’s of artificial flowers is they work with any colour palette and any bloom of choice. If you are looking to match your bridesmaids dresses or simply compliment your scenery, it is important to be able to choose specific shades of colour! Whether you want a soft colour palette with white Sahara roses, baby’s breath and touches of greenery, or a bright tropical wedding with hot pink orchids, or even darker tones like black roses and hydrangeas, artificial florals have it all.  

They Hold Shape Very Well

The advantage of artificial flowers is that they have wire in their stems. This wire allows us to bend, twist and manoeuvre the flower in any way we want. When it comes to a well-made floral arrangement, it requires every single flower head to be placed intentionally. Due to this wire, we are able to place and point each focal flower head in the exact right spot so the entire arrangement flows effortlessly.

Artificial Flowers are Extraordinarily Durable!

one of the stresses every couple has leading up to their wedding day is the weather. Unfortunately it is just one of those things that are completely unavoidable. However, choosing artificial florals can definitely take a small part of that stress away. Due to their forgiving nature and their durability, they can take a beating from wind, rain, heat and humidity, and will still hold up to it!

No stressing about if your floral of choice is in season!

Seasonal blooms can make things really difficult and expensive when going down the route of real flowers. If your flower of choice is out of season, it could mean importing in from another country! The beauty of artificial florals is they have every single flower you could ever think of, and in every colour!

They are allergen-free!

Allergies are an important consideration to make when it comes to deciding on your wedding florals. If there is someone in your wedding party with allergies that will be wearing or holding flowers the entire day, it might be worth considering artificial florals so they don’t have any allergic reactions.

Whether you choose real or artificial florals for your wedding day, you can rest assured that absolutely no one is going to notice the difference. The guests are likely going to be more focused on other things like the overall aesthetic and flow, the wedding dress, the entertainment, hospitality, food, and of course the open bar! Opting for faux flowers can possibly be one of the easiest and quickest ways to save some money so you can spend it on other aspects of your celebrations!

If you’d like to know more about artificial blooms and how they can transform your wedding day into the aesthetic of your dreams, we’d love to chat to you here!

Happy planning!

Kellie & Michaela