With all the stunning wedding floral ideas circulating social media recently, it becomes so difficult to really hone in on what style of arrangements you are wanting to showcase on your wedding day.

We’ve compiled a mood board displaying some examples of beautiful on trend floral ideas for you to consider for your big day!

Suspended flowers

Take advantage of space in your venue by filling the air with greenery and florals! One of the great perks of having suspended florals is you ensure the guests have clear vision of each other when conversing across the table, as well as leaving enough space for plates and crockery. For a more dramatic look, add a greenery garland down the middle of the table!

Floral cocktails

Integrating your focal flower of choice is a beautiful and subtle way to ensure really gorgeous synergy. Edible flowers are very on-trend at the moment and they provide a beautiful photo opportunity for guests! It is definitely one of those small details that your guests will not forget!

Napkin florals

It’s all in the details! Napkin décor is a beautiful way to really tie the entire table styling together. It really helps to fill in the blanks and make for gorgeous photography. Experiment with twine, ribbon, shapes, and your flower of choice!

Single stem florals

For a minimalist style aesthetic, consider single stem florals in plain bottles/votives/stem holders, with neat, complimentary candles. Simple, clean styling like this allows the guests attention to be shared amongst the beauty of the focal floral, as well as a statement piece elsewhere (eg the entertainment, lighting).

Colour me crazy!

By adding a pop of colour to your wedding, it can really portray a feeling of vibrancy. Experiment and take the bold move of adding LOTS of colour! It is a sure way of really bringing the venue to life and making the entire room feel electric.

Make it green!

For a timeless and organic feeling wedding, adding greenery to your tables and surroundings is a beautiful way to really tie in your celebrations with nature. It is an aesthetic that will never go out of fashion, will never age, and will forever feel magical. Add in hurricane candles and warm fairy lighting to really enhance the romance.

If any of these on-trend ideas really inspire you for your big day, contact us here! We cant wait to bring your dream vision to life!

Happy planning!

Kellie & Michaela