Your wedding ceremony set up is the very first thing your guests will see upon their arrival. This is their first impression of the wedding and sets the entire tone for the rest of the evening. One of the biggest trends we are seeing take over is that of weddings with a unique touch. For some, this may look like colour palettes incorporating dark tones, for others it may be combining shapes with a bright and expressive theme. Today we want to chat to you about one of our FAVOURITE new trends: unique ceremony seating!

If you’re sick of the same old boring ceremony setup and you want your wedding to be fresh, on trend and memorable, this may just be the inspiration you are looking for!

Spiral seating

This fun, exciting and dramatic set up makes your ceremony feel especially intimate by connecting everyone in one long spiralling line. It makes for a great conversation starter and gives everyone a chance at seeing & greeting the bride as she walks down the spiral aisle past every single guest! This set up would be best suited for smaller wedding parties.

Square seating

This gorgeous set up is a great way to keep your guests nice and close to you and your partner so the chairs don’t reach too far back. It’s a lovely way to frame a big structure/arbour! This set up is great for wedding parties of all sizes.

Guests chairs facing the aisle

Encompass elegance, class and beauty with this incredibly unique and seamless ceremony aisle. This would be perfect for a long and narrow wedding aisle, in places such as a narrow garden or a jetty.

Round seating

Round seating is a beautiful way to literally surround yourself with your loved ones. Its an awesome way to make everyone feel intimate and included. Choosing chairs transparent or light in colour is essential to ensure the visual flow is not at all jarred, with the bride and groom of course being the focal point!

Winding aisle

Embrace nature with a gorgeous winding aisle. Using greenery and florals to set out a path is a stunning choice for really bringing that organic vibe to your ceremony. For a budget friendly option, consider petals running down either side of the inner chairs! For a more dramatic effect, incorporate dense greenery and florals.

Picnic-style blankets and pillows!

For that casual summer day wedding, look no further than picnic style ceremony seating! Surprise your guests with this incredibly fun and unique ceremony idea; it is one they wont forget! This set up is perfect for a casual and intimate wedding, beach wedding, farm wedding, etc. Include pops of colour and a drink & nibbles station – maybe even a picnic basket for each rug!

Keep in mind to include seating for those who are unable to sit on the ground!


If you’re looking to give your guests the ultimate comfort whilst you tie the knot, couch seating may just be what you’re after. Include ottomans and coffee tables for guest convenience. This set up is perfect for small to medium size weddings. Ensure your ceremony space can comfortably fit multiple couches so it is not too squishy!

Bench seating

The perfect seating for an outdoor wedding in the bush, woods, forest, in the mountains, etc. Bench seating ties in really well with the outdoor organic style, and really encompasses nature. A boho wedding must have!

Bales of hay

For the ultimate outdoor farm wedding, look no further. Bales of hay are such a charming addition to any country style wedding! Line the hay with a lovely light weight linen to protect your guests from getting scratched.

Remove the seating all together!

If you’re looking for a unique difference whilst on a budget, consider removing the seating all together! This can really bring a more intimate feel to the ceremony, whilst also allowing you to save a considerable amount of money on chairs. This would be ideal for shorter weddings so your guests don’t have to be standing for too long.

Something important to consider in all of these incredible and unique seating options is prop and floral placement. Ensuring ALL of your guests are able to have a clear line of sight of you and your partner is crucial. The last thing you want is for anyone to have a big floral arrangement or pillar in their eye line!

There is nothing quite like an aesthetically fresh ceremony with a unique point of difference, and we hope these great ideas help to inspire you for your big day! If you would like to chat further about your upcoming ceremony and how you can bring your own unique point of difference, we would love to brainstorm with you here!

Happy planning!

Kellie & Michaela