Designing the wedding you have dreamt about your entire life can be a costly task. With all the potential possibilities you can add into your wedding décor these days, it can be an incredibly overwhelming and expensive project!

We’re here today to discuss some budget friendly options that will really make that visual difference in your ceremony & reception, and leave your guests impressed.

Chair ties

Whether its greenery, florals, ribbons or sashes, chair ties can completely transform the look of your ceremony or reception. As an in-expensive accessory for your special day, gorgeous bows, focal flower heads, or sprigs of trailing greenery can beautifully elevate the venue. These additions work in beautifully to compliment your chosen colour palette, whilst adding a level of elegance and class.

Substitute flowers for a greenery garland

If you are choosing to go down the real flower route, you will definitely get more bang for your buck by opting for a lovely greenery garland rather than a table full of roses. Greenery garlands are an excellent option for your wedding day; they are budget friendly, bring an incredible organic look and feel, and they smell beautiful!

Using artificial florals

Real touch florals have come an extremely long way over the years. These days it is almost impossible to visually tell the difference from real and fake! Opting for fake flowers for your wedding can be a much cheaper alternative to real flowers, which could possibly mean you can then take your vision to a new level regarding the amount/size of flowers you include. On top of this, it is important to keep in mind the type of flower you are hoping to include in your wedding. Is it in season where you are tying the knot? Will it need to be ordered in from overseas? Will it wilt quickly and survive the entire day and night? Real touch florals can take all the quess work and uncertainties out of it and allow you to have whatever flower choice you want for your big day, no matter the season.

Tying a small bit of twine/ribbon on napkins with a sprig of greenery/plant

A small bit of twine/ribbon and a focal sprig or greenery/plant is such a beautiful addition to your décor! Napkin décor really helps to elevate the table styling and creating lasting memories of the aesthetic. This is something you can definitely incorporate into your wedding DIY! However it is important you keep in mind that this is something that will need to be completed on the day of the wedding, as the napkins will come from a venue/supplier. Speaking with your stylist to organise this may be the easier option for you, whilst still being budget friendly!

Hurricane pillar candles in glass cylinders

For the ultimate romantic reception, look no further than hurricane pillar candles. An abundance of these will set the mood so beautifully, creating that gorgeous and passionate vibe. Ditching the expensive florals for an abundance of candles may just be the dreamy reception you are after.

Date jar, Wishes for the Mr and Mrs

Add an extra small fun component to your reception with a “Wishes for the Mr & Mrs”, or “Date Jar”! Simply include a sign in a frame, with a big jar, small pieces of paper and a few pens! An inexpensive and exciting addition for your guests to participate in!

Wedding favours

Wedding favours don’t always have to be a daunting subject for your budget. Consider homemade desserts such as brownies or cookies in a little box. Perhaps a little chocolate sitting on their napkin, or a small jar of candy! Home made jam and relishes are a lovely idea! Even a little jar with the ingredients to make your own hot chocolate! There are so many incredible home made options to gift your guests.

No matter what your wedding budget is, you can absolutely style a stunning wedding without blowing out financially. If you’re still feeling a bit stuck on how to bring your dream vision to life whilst sticking to a strict budget, we’d love to speak to you and bring you some clarity for your Whitsunday wedding. Lets chat

Happy planning!

Kellie & Michaela